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As a business professional, your office style should send a powerful message to your coworkers; you're smart, efficient, ambitious and ready to maximize your potential. 

The secret to a successful office wardrobe is in the details. The quality of your suits' cut and fabric. The fit of your shirt. The finishing and details of your accessories and how you're able to put it together in an attractive and compelling way. 

Our clothier at BOGUK can help you with that, with personalized and exceptional tailoring, quality and unique fabrics and keen attention to detail, the result is a powerful and unforgettable office look, just for you. 

These are the essential dress codes at BOGUK BUSINESS

1. Business Casual Style. 

2. Business Professional Style. 

3. Cocktail Attire Style

4. Smart casual Style. 

5. Casual Style. 


BOGUK Business price range;

Suits (Jackets and Pants) : From KSH. 22,000 (USD 220) + VAT

3 piece suits: From KSH. 25,000 (USD 250) + VAT

Jackets: From 13,000 (USD 130) + VAT 

Pants: From KSH. 10,000 (100 USD) + VAT

Dresses : KSH. 8,500 (85 USD) + VAT

Shirts/Blouses: KSH. 6,000 (60 USD) + VAT

Skirt: KSH. 6,000 (60 USD) + VAT


We are the essence of premium Kenyan Tailoring. Book an appointment with our creative designer here

Phone +254 742 940 954

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