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Our premium made to measure arm is all about getting you what you want. The right fit. The right fabric. The right detail. The right style. The BOGUK Style perspective from our creative team is that we don't design for size, we design for personality;

We can help you build your entire wardrobe, including suits, shirts, trousers, sport coats and custom tuxedo's. 

How it works; Our clothier meets you, at the luxury of your own schedule, at our studios as your time and convenience are our highest priorities.


You and your clothier select the perfect attire for your business, casual, social or formal needs, choosing from a wide array of features and options, all made to your personal measurements.

BOGUK STYLE Price Range:

Jackets; KSH. 9,500 (95 USD) 

Shirts/Blouses; KSH. 5,000 (50 USD) 

Dresses; From KSH. 6,000 (60 USD) 

Pants; KSH. 4,500 (45 USD) 

Skirts; KSH. 4,500 (45 USD)


Tailoring Services (Your own fabric) 

Jackets; KSH. 7,500 (75 USD) 

Shirts/ Blouses; KSH. 3,000 (30 USD)

Dresses; From KSH. 4,000 (40 USD) 

Pants; KSH. 3,000 (30 USD) 

Skirts; KSH. 3,000 (30 USD)

We also offer garment alteration and adjustment services for ALL types of garments. Prices from KES. 600 per garment. 


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*** Please note; these are estimates and actual prices may vary, depending on design, fabric and number of pieces you purchase. 

Phone : +254 742 940954 

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